Tackling Diabetes Mellitus with T-reg Cells

As anyone who has diabetes type 1 knows all too well,  this disease, as manageable as it is, requires almost constant attention, which can at times be tiring. One person that understands this very well is child psychologist Mary Rooney, who was only diagnosed in 2011 with diabetes mellitus, and recently had groundbreaking therapy which she said had “freed her from the daily grind” of managing her condition.

This new therapy developed by researchers at the University of California and Yale involves taking “peacekeeping” T-reg cells that “protect insulin-making cells from the immune system” from patients, replicating them in a growth medium and finally infusing them back into the blood. In the initial trial  of 14 people carried out by these researchers, it was found that the “the therapy is safe, and can last up to a year”, showing that it is possible to turn back the clock on the body destroying its own insulin-secreting cells in the pancreas. Moreover, this therapy could be used in combination with “an independent source of insulin producing cells” to completely control the condition, according to Professor Bluestone from the University of California.

Finally, this latest development in finding a cure for diabetes mellitus could also lead to cures for other autoimmune diseases such as “rheumatoid arthritis and lupus”, and could possibly even help cure neurological diseases.


Source: End of daily injections for diabetes as scientists restore insulin production from telegraph.co.uk, by Sara Knapton


One thought on “Tackling Diabetes Mellitus with T-reg Cells

  1. I am working hard on my Diabetes but I had a Bipolar med spike my blood sugars and cause weight gain. I got off the med recently and things are easier now. I plan to turn things around and keep filling up my meter with good blood sugar numbers.


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