Don’t sweat over measuring your blood sugar levels anymore

The non-invasive testing of  blood sugar levels have seen much development and breakthroughs in the past decades thanks to much research aiming to reduce diabetics’ dependence on finger-pricking, which is not only wasteful, but also slightly painful. Therefore it is very encouraging to hear about a new development from scientists at the Seoul National University, who have developed a flexible sensor patch to detect sugar levels in sweat. Testing sweat is more technically challenging than conventional methods of testing blood sugar levels due to the low concentration of sugar in sweat when compared to blood, while several other properties of sweat that complicate this process have to also be accounted for. However, the South Korean researchers have overcome these issues, and are  also now working on another patch to deliver insulin through an array of tiny needles. We’ll be looking forward to new developments.

Source: BBC News website, 9/3/17


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