This blog is all about finding any news on attempts to cure type 1 diabetes. Every fortnight, new articles are published about experimental medical procedures and developments in finding a cure for this disease, and I hope that by gathering such information in one place I shall help people with type 1 diabetes and their friends and families to keep their hopes up.

The Author

I am 17 years old and I have type 1 diabetes. Since the moment I was told that I had diabetes, I have always looked for a cure as I knew it could transform my life. Although I had originally intended to work as a volunteer at a diabetes clinic for my Duke of Edinburgh award, instead I started this blog as the minimum age for working or volunteering at a hospital was 16, and I wanted to help other people find out about any potential cures for type 1 diabetes. Although I am supposed to work on this blog for three months for DofE, I will continue updating the blog, so check back every fortnight or so for new posts!


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    • Thank you very much for this link, it was incredibly helpful- I had never even thought about or researched methodology before! I have also never heard of this website, and I found out much about the Faustman Lab trials and the problems the team is encountering.


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